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Know before you go, read and watch below.

The rip can be dangerous, tricky and even convenient for surfers. 
It just depends on what you know about them, how fit you are for swimming or surfing, and, what the conditions are like (which constantly change).
Below is a summary of the rip current talk we do before every lesson, it is audio from the beach of a lesson and we animated it for the video version!

Below is a "short version" video that breaks down how currents form and how to deal with them, the longer version at the bottom has a story of someone being caught in a rip. Both are chalk full of valuable information and insight and I recommend that anyone and everyone heading to the beach watch them, especially if you aren't opting for a lesson with me... which is where you can learn how they are actually convenient for you sometimes.

Long Version

(includes a testimony of someone caught in a rip) 
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