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Know Before You Go

CoastSmart can help save lives!

I can teach you A LOT of safety in one quick land lesson before we hit the waves. That information can help save your life, and, when you share that information, it can help save the lives of those you have shared it with. If they share that information with more people, well, you get the idea right?
Sharing information about ocean safety is what CoastSmart is all about. It's a website, and app for phone and it's the first thing you can do to help make your trip to the coast a safer one.
You can also check out these in depth educational videos on my site here about RIP CURRENTS!!
That always helps a little when heading out int the water. 
However,  taking a lesson with me you will be giving yourself the best possible education about staying safe on the coast here (thanks and good job you legend!), but if you only come out once or twice a year, there's a good chance that you'll forget something. That something could be pretty dang important.. it could save your life.. or someone elses. This is where CoastSmart can be a huge adversary to you and all your loved ones, friends and even those aquaintances you're not too fond of. 
What do you have to do to use CoastSmart? Not a whole lot!
Hit the website, download the app for your phone or tablet, read a bit about the hazards, watch    a video and maybe even take a little quiz while youre at it. Pick anyone of these and you're better off than none, do them all, you're WAAAAY better off than none.. your call ;-)  
I'll always prefer you take another lesson, nothing will beat the hands on, one on one interactive education you get out of it, but, if you haven't been out for a while and I am not available to take care of you on your next visit, use this as a refresher from your last lesson. 
If its your first time visiting the coast or you had a scary incident the last time you came out cause you weren't up to speed on the hazards that we have, use this as a way to feel a little more confident if you didn't before. 
No matter what your reason for using the CoastSmart website and app, it's just a great way to spread the word to everyone in your world that as beautiful as it is out here, it's not always the safest, especially if you don't know before you go :-)
There is no guarantee that this will stop an incident/accident, for sure, but it can only help prevent more from happening via education. So, I sincerly hope this helps many a millions of people not only visiting the coast, but even more who will be visiting coasts all over the world on their next getaway to a piece of paradise, where waves meet the land.
Take care out there.
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