During my time teaching surfing, I’ve had the privilege of working with surf instructors from all over the world, including right here in town with my first instructor Jess


This has helped me develop a highly effective beginner platform, one that will get you up and riding waves in a fun and safe environment.


As the owner and operator of Wick’d Surf Camps, I’m able take a very hands-on approach to the needs of every guest who comes to my surf school. This means that we get to work together and really tap into your learning curve.


I’ve structured my teaching programs into daily surf lessons and/or multi-day surf camps.


Lessons are perfect if you want to get out and try surfing for the first time, or if you’re an intermediate surfer looking for some advanced tips to help you hone your style and skills. 

Surf Camps are designed for people who want to advance their skill set over multiple sessions, in different types of waves. And you get to keep your surf gear for the duration of the camps, so you can take what you learned in the lessons and keep practicing on your own.


Also, if you’re an advanced surfer looking to get out at the right place at the right time, I provide guided surf experiences.


Just let me know what your budget, time frame and expectations are and I can work out a program that works for you.


Let’s get out there!

-Andy Herridge

Owner/Operator Wick'd Surf Camps + Lessons



I moved out west from Ontario in 1999, eventually calling Whistler, BC home for over a decade.

Sports have always been a huge part of my life. But as I got older, I ended up transitioning from team sports to individual pursuits like skiing, skateboarding and then snowboarding.

That’s what took me to Whistler, and the mountain life served me well. But I always knew that I wanted to learn how to surf, so I travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Mexico before eventually settling out here on the west coast of Canada in 2011.

I’m happy to say that this place is my home, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!



I’ve always had an affinity for board sports. I started longboard skating as a teen, which led me to snowboarding.


Anything on a board I wanted to try! But when I got into surfing, I knew this was the sport I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to.


When I started surfing I never took a lesson.Friends would tell me to go out there and just do it.


Well, let me tell you I learned it all the wrong way, had to unlearn the wrong way and re learn the right way!


I now feel this makes me a great instructor as I can identify common mistakes and plateaus and am able to communicate simply the most efficient ways to progress.


Let me save you the hours, days, years of struggle I went through and learn the best techniques right from the beginning!