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The summary of Wick'd. (CLICK HERE or scroll down to meet the team!)

During my time teaching surfing, I’ve had the privilege of working with surf instructors from all over the world!


This has helped me develop a highly effective beginner platform which will get you up and riding waves in a fun and safe environment asap, and, this is what I have taught to all my instructors that are learning from me, which ensures the highest quality instruction on the coast.

I’ve structured my teaching programs into daily surf lessons and/or multi-day surf camps.


Lessons are perfect if you want to get out and try surfing for the first time, or if you’re an intermediate surfer looking for some advanced tips to help you hone your style and skills. All lessons come with a complimentary 24hrs surf gear rental, as well as a discounted rental for any additional days after!

Surf Camps are designed for people who want to advance their skill set over multiple sessions in different types of waves, but they are also ideal for anyone who has never surfed before and wants to progress as fast as possible. One of the perks is that you get to keep your surf gear for the duration of the camps, so you can take what you learned in the lessons and keep practicing on your own.


Also, if you’re an advanced surfer looking to get out at the right place at the right time, I provide guided surf experiences.


Just let us know what you're budget, time frame and expectations are and I can work out a program that works for you.


Let’s get out there!

-Andy Herridge

Owner/Operator Wick'd Surf Camps + Lessons




I moved out west from Ontario in 1999, eventually calling Whistler, BC home for over a decade.

Sports have always been a huge part of my life. But as I got older, I ended up transitioning from team sports to individual pursuits like skiing, skateboarding and then snowboarding.

That’s what took me to Whistler, and the mountain life served me well. But I always knew that I wanted to learn how to surf, so I travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Mexico before eventually settling out here on the west coast of Canada in 2011.

I’m happy to say that this place is my home, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!





This is the team that will give you all the safety your need to know AND get you catching, riding all the waves!



My name is Jamie and I was raised on a farm in Nanoose Bay about 2 hours away from Ucluelet. Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for athletics. I grew up snowboarding and doing mostly anything on two wheels; dirt biking, mountain biking, bmx-ing.. always looking for that next adrenaline rush. Yet my athletics came into maturity in university as a varsity lacrosse athlete.


After I graduated from university, I found myself searching for an athletic outlet. Having just moved back to my hometown on the Island, I fell in love with surfing and gave everything I had to it. Not only did I fall in love with riding waves, I also fell in love with the history, the culture and the in-depth study of forecasting.


Being a born and raised Islander, it had always been a dream of mine to move to the west coast. So when I found myself presented with a unique opportunity to move to Ucluelet for a job, I decided to take the leap. A couple years later I met Andy and he invited me along for the ride with Wick’d Surf Camps and what a ride it’s been so far.


In total I've been surfing for 6 years. In that short time it has taken me halfway across the world and back and to places I never imagined visiting right here in my backyard. Being able to share this passion with people through surf-instructing brings me so much joy and I would love to be able to pass it onto future generations of surfers who are just beginning their journey!


Hope to catch you out here!



I was born in the city of Liverpool in the UK in 1991.
There is not much surf in Liverpool, so I found surfing in Cornwall when I started travelling around England in my late teens, and after being in many different jobs in the hospitality industry for many years I decided to search for something new and started travelling around the world were I found my true love for the waves.

I have been a qualified beach lifeguard and surf coach for almost 7 years now, and I got my qualifications on fistral beach in Newquay,  Cornwall.

I have now worked around the world chasing the wave and building my knowledge from all kinds of different beaches and terrains.

I am also a very passionate musician and the ocean definitely inspires my creativity everyday, creating the perfect balance in my life.



I am originally from Vienna, Austria. Growing up in a big city, in a landlocked country, I could have not imagined in my wildest dreams that I would end up living and surfing in a remote fishing village on Canada’s west coast. My home was in the mountains and my love for the outdoors was reflected in my passion for skiing, snowboarding and climbing in the first 24 years of my life.


6 years ago I came to visit Canada as my last stop on a yearlong backpacking trip around the world. I took my first ever surf lesson on Long Beach Tofino in cold wintery conditions in March 2017, and I was hooked. Since then I live, work and play on the lands and in the waters of this awe-inspiring coastline.


My surfing is supported by a continual mindfulness meditation practice, surfing both the waves of the ocean and the waves of the mind - they are not too different, believe it or not. I have a deep respect for the sea and its different moods, I like pushing myself (gently!) through different fears to new levels of comfort within my surfing.


I am certified as a surf instructor both through the Lifesaving Society BC and the International Surfing Association (ISA Level 1). Guided by Andy’s decade long teaching experience, I am aspiring to continue to share the knowledge that was passed on to me, as well as what I learned through my own experience. My wish is to inspire and empower students, especially women (in a male dominated sport), to tap into their own strength and discover the joys of riding waves in a safe and playful environment.


Let’s go surfing!



I’m a Canadian surfer and writer. I’ve been living, working and surfing in Ukee for the past eight years. This is my first summer doing lessons. I’ve surfed in Australia, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Oregon, Washington, California, Costa Rica, Ireland and the Canary Islands. I love the sport and I want to help beginners fall in love with it too!!


Once upon a time, I was a member of the Women’s Foil National Fencing Team. Surfing is way more fun than sword fighting though. The glorified beach bum life has always been part of my retirement plan. In the winter, I love to ski! 


Lifesaving Society BC and the International Surfing Association (ISA Level 1) Surf Instructor certified. Emergency First Aid with CPR C/AED certified. Wick'd Surf School accredited purveyor of stoke. 


Let’s go catch some waves!!!!

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