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Surf Coaching

We split everyone into groups according to ability, so you won’t feel left behind or be too advanced for your group. Our expert, friendly coaches are on hand to guide you every step of the way. 


Each group – whether you’re a ‘New Surfer’, ‘Progressor’ or a ‘Green Wave Surfer', Whatever your level of surfing, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re a beginner, learning to surf we will make the start of your surf journey fun, hassle-free and an unforgettable experience. 


If you're still in the beginner phase but have some experience, we will be splitting everyone into groups according to ability (you'd be a begintermediate!) so you fit right into your group of surfers who are also at the same stage of surf skills. 

We will also be providing video analysis on one of the surf sessions which is the best way to improve your surf skills. It can give you a move-by-move breakdown of your surfing... good and bad! – it’s both a great memento and a valuable coaching tool, there's a reason that even the best surfers in the world have video review sessions with their coaches, it is the best way to fast forward your skills and see major improvements.

All participants must be 18+ years old and must be decent swimmers. 

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Yoga & Workshops

vinyasa flow & Yin

The focus for this retreat is to see major improvements in your surfing, with confidence, incorporating yoga and embodiment movement awareness into your daily practice. 
This practice will motivate you to move the chi energy within the body. Come back into self, into alignment and visualise how it is to feel the elemental flow of embodiment.


Outline of Trip

Day 1: Meet and Greet 7pm

Day 2: Yoga, Surfing, Free time, Yoga

Day 3: Yoga, Surfing, Free time, Yoga, Full moon circle

Day 4: Yoga, Surfing, Free time, Video Review, Yoga, Closing Ceremony


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What is included

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- 3 days of surf coaching with Wick'd Surf
- 6 Yoga classes with Dori from Light Me Up Yoga
- 2 hr Embodiment workshop with Jen Boot Transformational Facilitator
- 3 delicious nutritional lunches
- video footage from one of our expert coaches
- Rental Equipment (for your own gear discounts apply)
- Surf Gear
- 4 mornings coffee and tea
- Connections for Accomodation with Foggy Moon Chalet &
Surf Junction Camp Ground
- Lots of good vibes and party waves!