to being a little closed and sorta shut down.. sad face.

Since June 4th we have been back up and running as semi normal, taking precaution and doing our best to limit the chances of spreading a virus.  


But as of yesterday the Provincial Health Officer and the districts of Tofino and Ucluelet have asked everyone to go back to hiding from each other and pretending we have a virus we may or may not have.

Until we have access to rapid testing in all of our communities, we will have to rely on a 4 day long symptoms only based testing system that has proven to be far to slow at stopping the spread of an incredibly contagious virus.. specifically because it spreads from most people that are asymptomatic or haven’t developed symptoms yet. 

There have been experts in virology and epidemiology saying since March that a highly accurate rapid testing system is the best way to slow, manage or possibly even stop the spread of this virus while still allowing our lives and economy to continue on, in a close to normal fashion.

Maybe by the new year we will see these rapid tests arrive in hospitals and airports, then local clinics and pharmacies and maybe by next year we will have at home test kits.

Until then I suspect we will see the cases rise till everyone is afraid to leave the house or get tested (scarlet letter scenario amped up by bossy panted finger pointers powered by social media), which will allow positive case numbers to drop enough to release everyone back to travelling and gathering in larger numbers. This will then lead to more positive cases and the cycle will continue.