If you have just arrived and are looking to get out in the water to try what you see everyone else doing, because “hey that looks fun eh!” or you’re at home looking into activities to try out while you’re in town, then you may be looking for a basic surf lesson. Your surf lesson will cover all the basic fundamentals, safety and etiquette knowledge you need to know to get you paddling, popping up and riding waves. Your basic lesson will run 2.5 – 3 hours which includes travel time to the beach, fitting for the suits, land lesson (covering safety and theory), 1 – 1.5 hours in the water (plenty of time in the water, most people are exhausted after just half an hour) and a quick après refreshment where we can rest those tired arms, reflect on awesome bails and wind down after a sweet session of shredding waves and playing in the water! I have an array of lesson types to offer. If you would like a private, family (for children under 12) or basic group lesson the only difference is the rate! It’s important for me to keep student numbers low to insure the best instruction possible. A 5-1 student to instructor ratio is the maximum group number. Any higher and it is very difficult to give the one on one instruction needed for everyone in the group. The number of daily lessons and the lesson times will vary depending on my availability and on the time of year. Call or email for the most up to date info on the daily surf adventures.

pricing and details

Private 1 on 1 Lesson

Maximize your skills with the kind of feedback you can only get with a one on one lesson!


(Add a second person for a private couple lesson, add just $70)

Family or Private Group Lesson

3-5 people.

$89.00 per person

This is a great way to keep numbers low and have a private experience with a small group or your family. Kids are great surfers! I have taught kids as young as 5 years old. Their light weight makes for an easy time popping up but also requires them to stay in more shallow water and need help carrying the board. This requires me to stay with the children full time throughout the session For these reasons, kids under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the lesson.

Basic Group Lesson

$79 per person

This lesson will be open to anyone that wants to join and will have maximum of 5 people total.

All rates include your gear (board, suit, boots, gloves and hoods (if needed)) but do NOT include GST.
GST is %5 

Have your own gear and don’t need to use any of mine?

Take off $15 from the prices listed above! 

Note on rental gear:

All gear is provided for the duration of the lesson, if you'd like to rent gear after your lesson, I am open to renting gear as long as I don’t need it for the next lesson! No charge for the day of the lesson and $30.00 per day for both suit and board if someone is looking to rent without a lesson. If my gear is not available, you can head over to Relic Surf Shop in Ucluelet or Live to Surf in Tofino. We have an exclusive deal set up for the guests of Wick'd Surf School to receive a discount on their rental gear and I will provide you with the paperwork you need to receive the discount.

Surf Camps

Surf Camps are a fantastic way to really progress your surfing quickly, the lessons are longer than your basic lesson in order to maximize your skills and knowledge in the water. So if you have never tried surfing before and want to make sure you have a successful experience, already had a lesson and are looking to take your surfing to the next level or have progressed to the intermediate level of surfing and want to get some advanced pointers, a Surf Camp is ideal for you. Surf Camps are offered with discount accommodation and start at a minimum of 2 days but they can go for as long as you wish. Every day in the water is experience and knowledge gained and will only enhance your surfing skills and confidence. With confidence in the water you will be more relaxed which will enable you to fully take in the entire experience of surfing a wave. This basically means you’re going to have way more fun!

pricing and details

2 Day Camp  

$189 per person

Lengthen your camp to increase your skills:

add $99 per person per day.

There are no set dates for camps, so they can be more exclusive and I can be as flexible as possible with your schedule.

Email or call for availability. Minimum booking for a camp is 2 days.

All rates include your gear (Boards, Suits, Boots, Gloves and Hoods(if needed)) for the duration of the sessions, apres snacks and my liaison services but do NOT include GST.
GST is %5 

Discount Accommodation

Surf & Yoga

If you have tried surfing but not yoga or do yoga and haven’t tried surfing, I can tell you yoga definitely helps your surfing. Yoga and surfing seem to go hand in hand these days. There are so many similarities physically and psychologically that the two activities inevitably have an undeniable connection. So with a surf camp I recommend you get your yoga on too! In this vibrant surf community there are a plethora of yoga instructors and plenty with surf orientated yoga exercises. If you choose to have a surf and yoga package there are a few options for your yoga experience. Depending on your budget or preference I can arrange for you to join a class at a studio or have an instructor come to your accommodation for a private session. Send an email or call me for details and availability.


I surf these beaches every day. So I am very well equipped with the knowledge of where the best wave is at all times. If you are an intermediate to advanced level surfer I’d be stoked to take you out for a session. If you have your own transportation or need a lift I can take a maximum of 2 people out. As advanced surfers we all know what it’s like to have a large group show up at a break and crowd an otherwise uncrowded wave, so these group numbers are firm!

pricing and details

Maximum 3 people.

If you are an intermediate to advanced level surfer and just need someone to show you around I can definitely help you out!

$40 per person

$50 if you need gear

Note on my gear:

I have plenty of suits and beginner long boards and a limited selection of advanced boards. If I don't have what you're looking for we can go hit up the shops for a discounted performance rental.


HIgh quality professional photos are now available! I can't always take photos and sure don't guarantee any good ones but for an affordable price, one of my go to local professional photographers can come out on our lesson and take fantastic photos of you and your group. The high resolution clarity will catch every bit of joy that is surfing and let all your friends know, with out a doubt, that yes, you went surfing in Canada! And it was amazing!!

pricing and details


Ucluelet has no shortage of professional photographers, all of them are equally talented and will make sure you look great riding waves! 

Here are a few websites you can browse from some of the photographers I call on when requested.

Melina Lamoureux

Kaitlyn Shea

Nick Kamma

Paul Freimuth

Katlyn Droucher



Prices may vary depending on the photographer that is booked, but here are the base rates that are commonly used.

1 Person $60

2-3 People $45 per person.

4 or more people $40 per person.