Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I going to freeze out there??

A. One of the most common comments I get after a surf lesson, besides the ones describing pure joy, is

“oh my god I’m so warm, I thought I’d be freezing out there but I’m actually hot!” We are in Canada but

luckily we are on the west coast where the water temp doesn’t actually fluctuate a whole lot, especially

compared to the east coast. The water temp doesn’t drop below 7 degrees Celsius in the winter and

peaks around 13-14 degrees in the summer months of July and August. I have great brand new gear

and can load you up in plenty of lairs if you want but most of the time, especially if the sun is out, most

people want to take off the gear because, “it’s not that bad at all eh!”

Do you provide transportation?

A. Yes. I can totally give you a lift. Up to 6 people if needed!

Am I going to be amazing at surfing?

A. Yes, surfing is super easy.

Na just kidding, a lot of people have asked if they’ll be able to stand up on their first lesson. The best

thing to do is not worry about it, there is a saying I heard when I was learning how to surf and it’s been

said many times, from many surfers and I do believe this to be true. “The best surfer in the water is

the one having the most fun.” I’ve heard Laird Hamilton say another one in a documentary; “if you’re

not having fun, you’re not doing it right.” Nothing could be truer. Surfing is not hard nor easy, it’s

challenging, blissful and most of all, a ton of fun. So don’t worry about standing up on your first lesson,

some people do, some don’t, it may take you two lessons, maybe three. It’s like learning to ride a bike,

you might think at one point you’ll never leave your training wheels, like it’s too hard or too scary. But

one day, you’ll just get it.

So let’s get out there and ride a bike with training wheels already! It’s super fun and easy! Wait what

were we talking about?

What beach are we going to?

A. Picking a beach is a little more complicated than it might seem. There are a lot of variables that go

into deciding where we go and they change daily, so it’s hard to say well ahead of time where we will

be going. Here’s a quick rundown of what rolls through a surfers head when considering where to go


  1. Tides. Tides are pretty large up here in Canada and can have a huge influence on how the waves are shaping up for surfing. They change approximately every 6.5 hours.
  2. The swell. Waves are always changing and fluctuating in size, they are coming from really far away and from different directions so the swell is different every day.
  3. Beaches. The beaches face different directions so they are picking up different swells or picking up certain swells better than others.
  4. And then there’s the wind… that pesky, two faced wind. It can be friendly and help shape waves, it can be howling making the sea choppy and unsavory or it could be non-existent. This is my favorite, GLASSY!

So deciding between all those factors is what goes into picking a beach, but by all means, if you have

friends at one beach already and you want to go there, we can totally go there.