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Its been an Awesome summer


I have not had much time to myself this summer, maybe three surf sessions and a handful of sleep ins/mornings to catch up on laundry and or dishes in the last three months or so. But that is just fine, not only is the fall around the corner, bringing some much needed rain and a little breathing room on the calendar, but, I have been busy doing something more than just non stop surf lessons.

The reason I have been negating my household duties is because a good friend of mine and I have started a new venture! We have opened up a rad store in town that features local artists, craft makers and entrepreneurs. Ukee is full of amazing people making doing amazing things and we get to house all their awesome stuff in our store! We call it the Emporium Of Awesome (EOA).. very fitting right? 

The store not only exists because of my partner Tes Lalonde, it's the reason that it looks so damn cool too. Without Tes there would be no EOA and I would have a far less interesting life now, so make sure if you come to the store and she is there you give her all the props and high fives she deserves! Oh and if you are taking a lesson with me you will get ten percent off all of our own product, like our cool buttons, rad hats, shirts, tanks, hoodies and even men's sweats and women's joggers! Oh and I didn't even mention that we have almost 20 flavours of Salt Spring Island Gelato and Sorbetto (also ten percent off for you special Wick'd Surf Campers)!

It has been an amazing time watching the shelves get filled each week with more and more people coming to us with their awesome product. I hope it continues to bring smiles to everyone's face throughout the winter and on and on in the future for years to come!

Come see us on your next adventure on the west coast!


Nora's Kind Words


Surfing is the most challenging sport I have ever tried, and after years of random surf trips and trying to teach myself, I finally took a real lesson from Andy at Wick Surf Camps.
I have known Andy for years from living in Whistler, but I had never had the chance to paddle out with him… until now, when I finally made it to Tofino. To say that he has a passion for surfing would be an understatement.. Andy embodies the lifestyle and loves to share his passion with anyone willing to wiggle into a wetsuit and go splash around!
Within a few hours of being in the water with him, he had corrected all of the mistakes I have been making on a surf board, things I had no idea I was doing wrong… I can't wait for my next lesson with him!
Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer, Andy can help you to master your surfing abilities, and makes every second in the water an absolute blast! 

- Nora Clarke


You Really Want To Follow This Guy


If you are a fan of waves, big waves, backwash waves, raw open ocean swells crashing into cliffs, surfing, coastal life, oceans and even Emu's, you will proabably want to start following sa_rips Instagram account right away. This guy (Rich) is absolutely killing it behind the lense capturing incredible images of South Australia's coast. There's something different about how he catches a moment, it kind of makes you feel like you are seeing it with him, you can just tell he is doing it for the love of the craft. As he says, he is just catching moments and reliving them over and over again everytime he looks at the photo, its a beautiful way to look at a picture.  I'm totally hooked and can't help but be excited to see what new shot he has posted up everytime I scroll through the Instagram feed, and I think you will be too!

Check out his feature in stabmag.com to get a little insight into what he goes through to get these images and have a little peak into his thoughts about his photos.


LIke Music???


For almost a year now, every Monday night at 7:00 pm PST, I have had the distinct honor of heading down to our local radio station (99.5 Ukee Radio) where for some crazy lucky reason, the owner lets me put on a 3 hour show with my ever knowledgeable co host Jessie Fletcher.

We play a wide variety of genres, mostly new releases, lots of Canadian content, a little bit of stand up comedy and a fair amount of jibber jabber in between. Its a real fun show where we just get to play a ton of Wick'd Tunes and talk about everything and nothing often in the same conversation! If you don't happen to live here and have the luxury flipping on your radio to hear our amazing radio station anytime you want, you may want to hit up the live stream! It's always on when a D.J. is in the studio putting on a show and all you have to do hit up this link here and you'll get a shwack of amazing music that will have your ears thanking you!

If it happens to be off air when you hit the link and you still want your fix of Wick'd Tunes, hit up this link here and it'll put ya on the Surfcam.ca website where I made a mix for them on my Soundcloud account!  

Hope you can tune in to the stream, give me a shout on the comment section of the link and maybe I'll even give ya a request and a shout out!

Otherwise enjoy the playlist!


A must watch for every human


I saw this documentary  a long time ago, I since have not been afraid of Orca's in the wild, I saw one at Wick Beach a couple years ago and knew two things. 1. If he wants me for food, I cant make it to the beacg before he dines so no need to panic and sprint for the beach.  2. This is more than just a wild animal, this is a highly intellegent being with a personality and has no desire to taste human flesh. So I probably will make more of a connection with this Orca than have a dangerous encounter.

I'm not saying hop in the water next time you see one, they are the apex preditor of the ocean after all and if they are hunting a sea lion near by.. well don't get in the way is all I can say.

But I am honoured to have shared the water with one of these amazing creatures one time. I'll never forget it and really all that happened is one was passing by about 50 meters away and we saw it. 2 meter dorsol fin and spout spray close enough you'd swear you could smell it. Oh and then later that day a person walking the beach found half a sea lion, clean cut half a sea lion. Crazy.





Winter Time!


Well the weather outside is frightful... well not really, pretty dang nice actually. The water is still warm and we`ve had some high pressure systems hang around here over the fall and even though the garden hoses outside are frozen overnight and the parking lots have solid ice puddles (except for the few hours that they get hit with sun between 11am and 130pm), when you are on the beach or in the water, you`d think it was September. Bright sun, light to no winds with nice beach break swell, sometimes even dying off enough for perfect learning waves the likes that you usually see in August. The west coast is a gem and this fall and early winter has been a shining example of what its like to bask in its beauty, for all the rain we see inbetween these sunny days with no winds, there is solice in the knowledge that when it clears up, the world around us is like a screensaver. Happy to call it home and share it with everyone that comes out for a surf with me. Recently I was lucky enough to teach some awesome humans out here visiting from Vancouver and one of them, David Bishop, had a real nice camera with him. He was admididly a little afraid of the water, a little aftraid of being cold and he even said to me that he told one of his friend that surfs, that he would never try surfing. So I was pretty stoked to have him out there learning to surf with me, we can all thank Kristina Jenei for talking him into it! He took some beautiful photos while he was out here and posted them up on his flickr account. Have a parouse of his visit here and start to plan your next visit! I hope everyone is having a beauty season so far, happy holidays to all and to all a good shred.




A review!


Read the review here...


August Beauties


Managed to scrape together a few clips of some Wick'd Surf Campers over the last few weeks, thought I would put something together to share.




When you get old, its easy to forget things. Like to practice what you preach for instance. I always tell people in their lessons to pretend you're ten years old again and just have fun out there and for the majority of people its the best way to have a successful lesson when it comes to standing up and riding waves, cause it takes the pressure off them to do well and just relaxes the mind and body, which in turn makes it easier to get up and ride the wave. But a lot of the time I forget to do that myself when I'm in the water on my own time. Stressed about the day that lay ahead of me, I might be rushing to get a wave in before heading to the shop for a day on the computer, trying to get a business off the ground, then straight to the night job to make enough money to pay all those bills. I'll forget the most important part, that I'm just supposed to have fun out there. No matter what the conditions or how many or few waves I get, its all about just being in the ocean and being a kid again. A break from everything else on land. I preach that all the time but you can slowly slip away from that mind set without realizing it when you let stressful things from the land creep into your head. Sometimes it takes a kid to remind an adult whats really important in life. Enter Ella. Ella put the fun back in the beach for me. I work a little too much I realized lately. I kind of have to but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be having fun, especially in the water. The lessons with Ella were filled with non stop enthusiasm, stoke, curiosity, laughter and all round joy to be in the water. We played together in the shore break just jumping over and under the waves, we picked up all different kinds of seaweed and shells, we surfed and body surfed, we went to the amazing Ucluelet Aquarium and learned so much about the local sea life. But more than anything, we, had, fun. So I taught Ella how to surf but she is the one who reminded me to enjoy the beach again, big awesome waves or not. And for that, I am deeply thankful. You rule Ella, Queen of the beach!


Marli's Morning



Ryan's First Day, Long Beach!


Got a little footage of one of Ryans first wave!


Smazing First Day


Luckily for me my first lesson was with some amazingly awesome, totally bodacious and killer rad beautiful girls that made all this work getting myself set up totally worth it. I`ll never forget you ladies! I hope we stay in touch and share some waves again soon! MIss ya already!




I'm lucky, to be here in Ukee and to have been where I've been and met the people I've met cause, it's pretty stressful trying to open up a new small business, especially with limited funds, I don't even want to get into the details of the stressmares that wake or keep me up every night. Friends and family make it easier, there good wishes, support and love is abundant and keeping me going, but they can't be around all the time. They have jobs and lives to live as well so eventually I need to find some solace on my own. That's how I view my time in the water, a break from the rest of the world where I can just enjoy the splendors that the beach and ocean provide, like it was put together just for us to play in. And the last two days have proven to be some of mother natures best work, with people leaving the water exclaiming of the incredible weather and waves, chats in the parking lot of how awesome it is that "I didn't even wear my thermal underwear this morning!" It's no wonder I can never get tired of throwing on a wetsuit and paddling myself to exhaustion. And even though its a break for me from the world and I find solace in it for myself, its so much better to share it with someone else. A stranger, your besty, random acquaintances or a couple porpoises, its the feeling of sharing it that kicks it up that extra notch for me. Hence why I'm getting very excited share this experience with everyone my own way finally. I'll be open for business soon and I hope more than anything, that you'll enjoy our time in the water as much as I do and we can stay in touch, share stories of your passions in your life and reunite back in the water again when you return. Cheers erraybody, hope to see ya soon.


I think I love the Blues Travellers


Cracked me up last night


Cute dogs everyday


Look at this little guy eh! awwwwww