Surfing Wick Solo

Andy Herridge.
Owner / Operator

What I’m all about is providing you with a surf experience that is a cut above the rest. Getting you out in the water learning to surf and enjoying the lifestyle I’m privileged to live out every day is definitely my number one priority. But as your go-to guy I want to take your experience with me out of the water too. Whether you are with me for a surf camp, surf and yoga package or just happened to walk into the shop and come out for a basic group lesson, I hope to provide you with an experience that will have you not wanting to leave and anticipating your return. I’m excited to share the waves and my lifestyle with you, so let’s get out there!


Sports and fun were all I cared about as a kid and nothing has really changed at all.

I was born and raised in Oakville Ontario. I played hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer in order to meet my year round sporting obsession. As I grew older, newer and different sports came into my life, skiing then skateboarding and snowboarding specifically.
As I grew older but not taller, my passion for organized sports inevitably started to fall below my new love for solo sports like skating and snowboarding. In Ontario it’s easy to get bored on a little hill and since it was colder for longer than it was warmer my mind started to wander west to the big hills in the Rockies and Coastal mountains. In 1999 my body followed my mind as I moved out west and called the mountain resort of Whistler B.C. home for the next twelve years. While enjoying my life in whistler riding the mountains every day I had many great conversations with “heaps” of Australians who told me wonderful things about the ocean and a great sport I had longed to try. Inevitably, I caught the travel bug, headed down under on a one year work visa and tried out the godfather of board sports, surfing.
The next five years of my life were filled with traveling through Australia and New Zealand loving and learning to surf, returning to Whistler for a year or two at a time, going to Maui for short trips and finally giving in to what I had known for a long time, moving to the Ocean. In 2011 I moved to our little paradise peninsula on the west coast of Vancouver Island and settled in. Ucluelet and Tofino are where I have called home for the last three years and it’s where I plan on staying for quite some time.
This is where I learned how to teach surfing and learned that I love teaching people how to surf. My first winter on the “wet” coast I took a surf instructing job offer in Mexico, where I met and worked with some great instructors that added to my teaching skills. Over the last three years I have put together what I and many other people feel is the best beginner lesson format out there.
I’ve met so many amazing people in the water and on the beach in many places around the globe and wouldn’t give up this lifestyle for anything at all. Instead I’ve decided to make my living sharing it. I can’t wait for you to join me and experience what I get to do every day!